2021 LEADERS IN CARE AWARDS: Innovation for Care Homes


The growing use of technology in the care home sector is paramount to driving efficiencies and providing person-centred care. This award recognises the most innovative technology suppliers serving the UK care home industry.

We are delighted to announce that the 2021 shortlist includes the following names:

Radar Healthcare

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Innovation is extremely important for Radar Healthcare as a business. Its product is constantly evolving to ensure it is meeting the needs and requirements of their customers and, ultimately, allowing them to provide the highest standard of care possible. In the last 12 months it has introduced its latest innovation roadmap. Its focus on innovation is a real point of pride. It is always working to utilise the latest technology to provide customers with new, exciting and useful options. The innovation roadmap allows customers to see what Radar is working on next and where key focuses will be in the next 12 months, in terms of developing the product. This also feeds into the customer journey at Radar Healthcare as they encourage their customers to register feedback through its customer support portal and this shapes the direction they take with the product. The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the entire healthcare sector and Radar Healthcare worked with its customers to ensure it could help them navigate the challenges in the smoothest way possible. The company also worked quickly to create a COVID-19 toolkit to help customers effectively monitor and manage COVID-19 related events.


PainChek launched its world unique, intelligent pain assessment tool to assess pain in residents who are unable to verbalise their pain. This innovation provides a voice to people living with dementia and has helped carers deliver person centred care. With this successful launch and after user feedback, the PainChek Universal tool was launched to existing clients and has been available to all new clients from April 2021. This allows social care professionals to utilise PainChek’s pain assessment tool to assess and score pain in all residents, whether they are able or unable to self-report their pain. The upgrade features the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) – an established standard used to document self-reported pain levels – within the one digital environment. Bringing NRS into the app, PainChek has combined the benefits of the two pain scales into one universal pain assessment solution, simplifying and streamlining pain assessment procedures and delivering an inclusive pain management solution that drives objectivity, accuracy and consistency, as well as engaging residents in their own care. The inclusive technology also significantly reduces the need for paper-based documentation and helps carers to improve the quality of care delivery.

Person Centred Software

Since its beginnings in 2013, Person Centred Software has remained dedicated in its mission to help improve the quality of life for people in social care. The company continues to drive digital transformation within the sector with its core product Mobile Care Monitoring, continuously adapting it to face the challenges in the care sector. Person Centred Software implemented eight new coronavirus-specific features into its digital care management system to support care homes through the pandemic and help protect the elderly and vulnerable. These included Coronavirus Reporting, Staff Coronavirus Auditing, Track and Trace Reporting, and its Relatives Gateway video link. 94% of customers found these features beneficial during this unprecedented time.

To support care providers further during the pandemic, Person Centred Software sent benchmarking emails to care homes with anonymised data that showed the daily, weekly, and cumulative mortality rate in care homes. This data was provided more than 10 days in advance of published Government data to help care teams see better days ahead.

Adaptive IT Solutions

Adaptive IT Solutions has been trading for 19 years providing IT hardware, software, maintenance, training and support. Historically, its customer base has been made up of healthcare and public sector environments such as NHS Trusts, GP Practices, Educational establishments, Private Dentistry and Government Agencies. Over the last few years it has become increasingly involved in the introduction and integration of technology into the care sector. This is especially relevant with the changes to the CQC’s KLOE framework to encourage the use of technology to improve care quality and efficiency. Technology is a never-ending race and Adaptive IT Solutions strives to make sure it is ahead of the curve and identify the best emerging tech to benefit its end users and help meet the challenges they face. The best example of this kind of technology is the CLB Acoustic Monitoring system, which monitors sound levels in a resident’s bedroom – when a concerning noise is heard an alert is sent to a central station or handheld device. This is a relatively unique product in the UK and solves many of the problems currently encountered by care providers for night time care, like disturbing residents unnecessarily and efficient use of staff.

Astor Bannerman

Astor Bannerman is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of care equipment, including bathing systems, ceiling and mobile hoists, basins and shower and changing equipment. It has a real desire to listen to the needs of customers and design, develop and deliver innovative solutions. It listens and work with customers to deliver bathroom solutions fully adapted to suit individual needs, prolonging independence, and taking every day personal care beyond the normal daily routine, turning it into a more enjoyable experience for the individual and any carers. Astor Bannerman is keen to work with clients to provide solutions. Its care baths deliver fantastic solutions to address particular care needs, including solutions for more independent residents, up to providing the only specialist dementia care bath on the market. It is also keen to support wider accessibility initiatives such as the Changing Places Campaign. Through sister company, Aveso, it has sponsored the Changing Places Campaign from 2013 to 2021, raising awareness and campaigning for much needed larger disabled toilets, which are spacious and fully equipped to support the toilet and changing needs of profoundly disabled people, and people living with sometimes unseen disabilities such as dementia and autism.

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