Care providers rely on the support of its business partners to operate effectively. This award recognises the most supportive businesses providing training, recruitment, compliance, financial and legal advice, insurance and other services.

We are delighted to announce that the 2021 shortlist includes the following names:


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Over the past 12 months, Purpletribe has forensically reviewed its offer and processes, stripping out any residual complexity and on-cost to create a ‘best practice’ foundation that all clients would immediately benefit from in terms of reduced hassle and cost. It then built new service options at different price points based on clients’ business models or ambition, aimed at allowing care providers to focus on what they’re best at, delivering great care. Residential care providers were hit hard and fast by the pandemic. Purpletribe knew CEOs and Registered Managers had their hands full keeping clients and staff cared for and safe, so it developed a PAYG recruitment offer that took a load off their mind and delivered permanent new team members as and when they needed them. A ‘per campaign’ service rather than a monthly managed service is great value for single site or small group residential homes. It fits their potentially vulnerable budgets and gives total piece of mind. Purpletribe already offered to manage most of the recruitment process for home care providers; from job ad to compliance check to interview. However, it became clear that a fully streamlined service offered more highly valued support, removing all the stress from recruiting entirely. The company also discovered that a new service could be part funded from what it was able to save home care and live-in clients in job board fees – Indeed and an increased return on (recruiting) investment, for example.

Fulcrum Care Limited  

A central part of Fulcrum’s expertise is in engaging all stakeholders to cultivate positive change, so there is both top-down and front-line endorsement and understanding of new processes, meaning technology (and change in general) is implemented successfully to support the key drivers of improving residents’ care and quality of life and commercials, to ensure a robust business platform.

Fulcrum’s expertise in dementia care has been invaluable in helping homes support residents with dementia through the changing landscape of the pandemic. Fulcrum’s initiatives in developing new models of care – in particular, designing and managing step-down and COVID-positive units – has enabled social care residents to leave overstretched hospitals and receive care structured to their needs as older, more vulnerable patients in more appropriate environments, looked after by staff with dedicated training. Over the past year, Fulcrum has seen a dramatic increase in demand for their services, both geographically and from bigger providers, largely as a result of their growing reputation as a leader within the industry, particularly from the leadership it has provided through the pandemic. Turnover increased by 70% to December compared to the previous 12 months, with the team doubling in the same period. Fulcrum is actively seeking to recruit more consultants to help it meet its expanding demand.

Smooth Digital

Smooth Digital is the UK’s leading care sector online marketing agency. It works with some of the most successful care home and home care providers in the UK, helping care homes build back occupancy with self-paying clients and supporting home care providers to increase their weekly hours. It does this by setting up marketing systems that generate consistent and predictable flows of new client/staff leads and has become the go-to agency for digital marketing within the care sector.

In the past 12 months, Smooth has listened to its clients and understood their worries and the key obstacles they are facing regarding occupancy and staff recruitment. Its services and dedication to educating the sector ensures these businesses providing some of the best care in the industry can generate enough business to survive and thrive. The company wanted to arm them with the resources they need, and has done so through public speaking, video content, blogs, e-books, their care sector podcast, Tea With Tobi, (which is on its 4th season) and much more. Founder, Tobi Alli-Usman, also founded and launched The Health and Social Care Club, a space on the Clubhouse app where colleagues from the sector have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and debate relevant topics within the industry. Smooth goes out of its way to be omnipresent, posting daily content to all of the major social media platforms and podcast hosting services, so that it is all accessible to anyone who may need it.

The Care Umbrella Limited

For The Care Umbrella, the past twelve months really has been a year in the making. Developing and launching a new business designed to bring together each sector of the UK care industry and the trades and services that support them with care seekers, care users and their families, was never going to be an easy undertaking. However, despite recent global challenges and as a result of unwavering determination, continued development and constant adaptions, The Care Umbrella arrived. Since its inception, it has established a brand, generated a following, created its own campaign in support of unpaid carers and begun a slow and steady journey into improving the quality and accessibility of available care user information. Far more than just another care listing or advertising website, The Care Umbrella supports every imaginable type of care business, while creating a strong, vibrant sense of community among their audience of care users and seekers.

Since its launch, it has developed and evolved its business model to include opinion sharing industry news, useful information, job openings in care, non-profit promotion, inspiring blogs and the free advertising of accessible and inclusive events. Over the last year, alongside its launch and the development of their offerings, The Care Umbrella has made enormous headway into achieving its initial objective: connecting care users to care businesses without limitations.

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