Boris Johnson links fixing social care problem with UK productivity

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has claimed that the Conservatives will be the party to solve social care crisis, by raising the UK’s productivity.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference yesterday, the Prime Minister said: “It is we Conservatives who will solve the problem of social care and end the injustice that means people have to sell their home to pay for their old age.

“And if you ask me how we are going to do it, how we are going to grow the UK economy, I will tell you that it is by raising the productivity of the whole of the UK. Not with socialism…but by creating the economic platform for dynamic free market capitalism.”

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Johnson said in July that he had a “clear plan” to fix the crisis in social care “once and for all”, but has since implied that proposals for this will be delayed until next year.

The Financial Times reported earlier this year that the Social Care Green Paper had been “ditched” and instead a White Paper would be published in the autumn of 2019.

But speaking at the G7 summit in August, the Prime Minister only said plans would be unveiled “in due course”.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party has pledged to introduce free personal care for over 65s if they come into power at the next general election, and the Liberal Democrats have promised to save the health and social care system by revoking Brexit.

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