BREAKING NEWS: All care providers to get ‘at least 300’ facemasks by Tuesday

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The free distribution of fluid repellent facemasks from the pandemic flu stock started yesterday, with every care home and home care provider receiving at least 300 facemasks, the government has said.

In a statement shared on Twitter by the Care Provider Alliance and the Care Quality Commission, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said it anticipates the distribution will be complete by next Tuesday.

The news comes after the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, insisted in the House of Commons that there is a “massive effort” going on to ensure that frontline staff have enough PPE throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

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“We know that supplies of personal protective equipment to the care sector is fundamental for the good care of individuals with suspected symptoms of COVID-19. We are clear that no wholesaler has been asked to prioritise NHS provision over the care sector, nor should they be doing so,” the statement said.

The free distribution of masks is aimed at “tiding over” the initial rise in demand following the change of guidance of facemasks last week. Providers are not required to take action; the stock will be delivered to them.

The DHSC said it is “working rapidly” with wholesalers to ensure a longer-term supply of all aspects of personal protective equipment, including gloves aprons, facemasks and hand sanitizer.

For future PPE requirements, care providers should order PPE form their usual suppliers.

If care providers have immediate concerns over their supply of PPE, there is now a dedicated line for the health and social care sector:

The National Supply Disruption line
Tel: 0800 915 9964

In the future, if a care provider is unable to get PPE from their normal supplier, the supplier will be asked to report this to the National Supply Disruption Response team, who can advise on alternative suppliers.

Caption: Care Minister Helen Whately and Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock.

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  1. The care provider i work for had only enough single use masks to give us 2 each. Is this acceptable?



    1. Same here.
      Had one pack of 12 masks delivered for 6 elderly people who had high temperatures and coughs. Doctors would not come to confirm it was the virus yet asked us care workers to treat patients as if they were infected. How?

      With what effective PPE? and what methods to barrier nurse? when we are understaffed, patients with dementia wander, ran out of paper towels and walked to another area into a laundry room with wet cleaners or support staff..its chaos and to be honest it was hard before all this.
      Be honest with carers. Where is our protection. I was coughed on within 2 hours of being at work. 3 weeks ago.
      I haven’t been back since.
      I haven’t been offered a test. My agency has no ppe. I have a family like most and bills to pay like everyone. Where is the help? What are my odds that I will pass on this without even knowing i have it? Testing and PPE

  2. Direct Payments carers are getting no PPE at all – the helpline listed above is advising them that they will not be helping them. Talk about thrown to the wolves.

  3. I am a home care provider. I have sent a email requesting a PPE supply I wished I had read these comments before sending it and wasting my time why would they print this stuff if it’s not true

  4. I’m the only carer for my wife she won’t allow anyone else to help us, she has dementia and I have emphysema, we have anti bacterial hand gel and anti bacterial surface cleaner but cant get masks and gloves anywhere, I contacted the carers office in irvine who contacted the council and they said they couldn’t give me any, I have to go out walking everyday as my wife wants out the house and I’ve asked her not to stop and talk to anyone but she does almost everyday and putting us both at risk, if I get coronavirus she would need to go into hospital or a care home cause there’s nobody else to take care of her, she coughs all the time just now without a handkerchief putting me at risk, I tell her bout 20 times a day to wash her hands, can someone please get me masks and gloves, the government says today on tv they are available for carers

  5. This news was published on 19th April and now Tuesday has gone nothing yet received.
    We have exhausted everything to find fluid repellent masks.

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