Campaigners submit petition for Real Living Wage for social care workers

Real Living Wage petition

A petition calling for all social care workers to receive the Real Living Wage has been submitted to the Treasury by the #BetterPay4SocialCare coalition. 

Care workers, people supported by care workers, social care organisations and advocates met on the steps of HM Treasury yesterday to support Beth, a care worker who is featured in the petition, to hand it to the government and shine a light on the poor rates of pay.

Beth said: “I’ve worked in social care for a long time and I love my job. When the first lockdown came along, I had to make a decision about how I would care for and protect my children. I am a single parent to two children so not working wasn’t a financial option.

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“Also, I would lose relationships with the people I support and would have felt I was letting my team down. In the end, for me to be able to continue to work and protect my children, I made the difficult decision to move my kids in with my parents.”

She continued: “£1 an hour extra is a lot when we are working a 40 hour week, it’s a week’s shopping for someone like me.

“It is £160 a month extra and would be morale boosting and important for lots of support workers meaning we wouldn’t need to struggle.

“I’m highly trained and have a lot of experience behind me. The job I do is intricate, but I don’t get paid enough for the responsibilities I undertake. It’s kind of soul destroying. This is my chosen career because I want to help others, but the wage is not enough.”

The campaign is supported by Labour Deputy Leader and former care worker, Angela Rayner.

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