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From registered managers to business owners, Care Innovators are individuals who have come up with new and exciting ideas to support staff and improve client outcomes.

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“We are a roster software company and we like to think we’re pretty innovative. But we can’t hold a candle to the kind of innovation that’s taken place in the social care sector over the last year.

“Under conditions of unimaginable strain and stress, care agencies have thought their way around PPE shortages, infection protocols and transportation challenges.

“That is why we felt compelled to sponsor the Care Innovators category in the inaugural Power List. This represents an opportunity for social care to celebrate itself, to raise up some of the many champions our sector has and honour the enduring effort and wonderful work they bring to providing care. It is time to sing the praises of our champions and our innovators, so we can better highlight to people the passion, vibrancy and commitment that is driving social care forward into the future.

“The action of innovation is a daring one to take, as renowned economist Theodore Levitt said: ‘Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.’ There is a risk inherent with any innovation, and we want to celebrate these care innovators not just for their success, but also for their courage to take those risks. The nominees have each displayed great empathy and understanding in devising their respective ideas, and gone on to exemplify courage and ambition in enacting them. In doing so these nominees are helping shape a better and more sustainable future for social care.”

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The 2021 Care Innovators are:

Alastair Shanks, managing director, Right at Home GF (Farnham)

Alex Green, managing director, Radfield Home Care

Charles Cross, chief operating officer, Anglian Care

Dr Kris Owden, managing director, Caremark (Aylesbury and Wycombe)

Lauren Beard, deputy manager, In Home Care (Chichester)

Mike Campling, deputy manager, Ascot Care

Rebecca O’Keefe, quality assurance manager, Bluebird Care (South Tyneside)

Vivek Patni, CEO and founder, Lavanya Plus and Mawii Homecare

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