Care management data to support future pandemic planning efforts


Data collected from care provider’s care management software systems will be used by the NHS to plan for future pandemics.

The data on the COVID-19 status of care givers and care receivers as well as demographics of care receivers, type of care given and location, will support the forecasting and planning of future waves of the virus whilst also improving care quality.

The information will come from members of the Care Software Providers Association (CASPA), an independent association representing the views and interests of social care software providers.

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James Palmer, Programme Head for Social Care at NHS Digital, said: “This collection will provide controlled access to a range of existing data to support service planning, outcome monitoring and research during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It could save lives if there is a second wave of coronavirus by showing trends in social care at a national and local level. We have been working closely with colleagues across the sector and will be sharing data in a managed way initially but with a view to opening it up more widely in the future.”

Six monthly reviews of the initiative will take place to align the efforts with the current climate and will run until 31 March 2022.

Robin Wells, Membership Secretary for CASPA, said: “The availability of timely and accurate data is crucial to planning for any further COVID-19 waves. Many of our members’ digital care management systems collect this data on a real-time basis, thereby providing a rich source of anonymised data which is essential to accurate planning and saving lives.

“In a sector dominated by paper-based systems the value of this data collection clearly demonstrates the important contribution that digital systems can bring to improving the overall quality of social care.”

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