Care Workers’ Charity launches Mental Health Support Programme


A Mental Health Support Programme has been launched by The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC) in response to the mental ill-health crisis faced by the social care workforce.

The initiative comes as care workers struggle with insomnia, anxiety, depression and PTSD as a direct result of their role, with many facing ‘total burnout’, according to the CWC.

The new Mental Health Support Programme will provide up to 10 sessions with a qualified therapist through Red Umbrella, an accredited mental health organisation. The cost of all these sessions will be paid for by the CWC, and will help care workers’ better cope with the challenges they are facing.

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Financial assistance from the charity has also removed some carers’ money worries. To support care workers in crisis, donations can be made online.

Karolina Gerlich, Executive Director of The Care Workers’ Charity, said: “Everyday care workers go above and beyond to provide much needed support – this has been especially true during the pandemic, which has put their mental health under additional strain.

“Our Mental Health Support Programme aims to bridge the shortfall in mental health resources for those working in the social care sector; which we hope will not only improve individual wellbeing and resilience in the short term, but also go a long way towards increasing staff retention rates, reducing workforce shortages, as well as leaves of absence and sickness related to mental ill health.”

One carer quoted by the charity said: “I experienced sleepless nights and panic attacks, worried if I was going to bring this terrible virus home to my family.

“The financial assistance from the charity has removed some of the stress involved by ensuring that I am able to pay my bills and concentrate on taking care of my family and the residents in my care at a time when carers are under pressure like never before and the world is a very scary and uncertain place.”

If you would like to help support care workers in crisis, visit:

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