Careberry Software helps home care providers move with the times


Careberry Software explains how it helps home care providers move with the times through its all-in-one platform.

In a year of crisis and uncertainty one thing has remained clear, care is a constant need within our society and that need only grows with time. In our modern day, the traditional ways of homecare are becoming outdated. Careberry Software is here to help care providers move with the times. 

With our all-in-one comprehensive software, we have included all aspects of homecare in one place for all providers across the UK. The coronavirus pandemic has only highlighted the importance of the right technology.   

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Careberry software was created by people who have been part of the health and social care sector most of their career. They saw the gaps in the industry and set out to develop a platform to bring all essential aspects of homecare under one umbrella.  

The software was created and tested while running a homecare company so we can clearly see the services and developments that need to be included. While running the homecare company, Careberry Software helped it grow and provide 20,000 hours starting from 0 hours in 15 months.   

One of the many unique points about Careberry Software is that it also includes a full recruitment section. This helps care managers have a transparent and easy access to all the new, old and current applicants while supporting them through the application process quickly and efficiently.   

The features included in Careberry software increase productivity, functionality, communication and reduce admin time. All these bonuses help build a stronger and safer service to take us through whatever the future may hold.

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