CareFree releases Electronic Call Monitoring web app

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CareFree Management has released a new web application, giving staff the ability to check in and out of calls from anywhere and from any device.

Through the use of GPS technology, home care providers are given peace of mind that carers are where they should be and clients are safe within their homes.

GPS portals enable office staff to set up alerts for no-shows, send and receive messages, automatically verify timesheets to increase safety, and improve communication and efficiency.

“Carers can access the app on their own phone without the expense of having to provide them all with a company mobile phone, meaning that our business does not have to enter any mobile contracts or worry that carers exceed allowable data, call and text limits. This, for any business, will be a big benefit,” said Abi Thomas, Director of Laniwyn Care Services.

CareFree’s eMar capabilities also allow providers to track, audit and manage medications in a live environment. Office staff can run reports on missed meds and the required precautionary actions to improve their process and provide evidence upon request.

To find out more about CareFree, click here. To book a free demo, click here.

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