Caremark boss: ‘Number of staff in isolation is worst it’s ever been’

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A home care boss says the number of staff it has off work isolating is the worst it has ever been – with the situation preventing it from taking on extra contracts at the moment.

Caremark, in Redcar and Cleveland, currently has 40 members of care staff isolating as a result of Covid-19.

The company, which holds 60% of local council business, said it has got so many staff off that it is asking carers to work on days off, weekends and outside their availability.

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Managing director Michelle Jackson, who has been carrying out calls herself as the firm deals with the crisis, told Teeside Live that the situation is “brutal”.

She said: “The carers that aren’t isolating are shattered and drained. They’re doing it because the customers absolutely need that care. We’ve to find a physical person who is willing to work that time.

“We can’t take any more customers on at all and there’s more and more people bed blocking waiting for care. People are stuck in hospital that want to come home and can’t get a care package.

“There’s people on end of life that want to come home and die in their own homes and they have to die in hospital – that’s awful, absolutely awful. “I’ve never known it so bad and it’s heartbreaking.”

Ms Jackson has been with the company for 10 years, initially as a carer before working her way up to the MD position.

She told the paper: “This is 100% the worst we have seen it. We had a massive break out in August last year. We had just over 30 carers off all at one time. It lasted about two to three weeks then it calmed down. That was bad and this is worse.

“I fear I will be hanging up my managing director role for at least another four weeks until at least this calms down. I think it will go through the whole staff.”

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