Charities urge Boris Johnson to appoint Minister for Older People

The Silver Line

Four charities have called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to appoint a Minister for Older People to end the “scandalous abuse and neglect” of hundreds of thousands of OAPs.

Founder and president of The Silver Line, Dame Esther Rantzen, Age UK, Action on Elder Abuse and Independent Age said a Cabinet appointment was urgently required to represent Britain’s pensioners, the Express reported.

Dame Esther said: “The needs of older people are sliced up between departments. Look at the muddle of social care, still not sorted in spite of all the promises. Older people are being blamed for being bed blockers in hospital and house blockers in communities when there is nowhere safe and economical for them to live.”

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In November, Age UK revealed that around 1.5m elderly people have unmet care needs. While there is no Cabinet minister for the elderly, Scotland has a Minister for Older People and Wales and Northern Ireland have a commissioner for older people.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director of Age UK, (pictured) said: “Older people’s lives are affected by decisions made in almost every Government Department, but there is no one Minister or group of civil servants dedicated to ensuring their needs are understood and Government policy is framed with them in mind.

“From bank branch closures to the parlous state of social care, there’s plenty of evidence of Government being tone deaf to the reality of older people’s lives.

“It’s high time this changed and the Government took action to ensure older people’s needs and interests are better represented and understood within how Whitehall works.”

A Government spokesman said: “Issues specifically affecting older people are already covered by Cabinet ministers across departments, including the Home Office and Department for Health and Social Care.”

Caption: Sophie Andrews, CEO of The Silver Line; Dame Esther Rantzen and Age UK CEO Steph Harland.

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  1. My father is now in a care home, he has Lewy body dementia , Parkinson’s blind and death hypertension Bell’s palsy, is 92 years old , he came out of hospital suffering delirium’s and hallucinations. He had six weeks in hospital fighting for his life thinking he was going to be killed. It was horrendous , going back to 13 in Slovenia former Yugoslavia in the Second World War. He came to England and trained to be an electronics engineer when he was 16. Because he was widowed when he was in his fifties his son has helped him since especially the last 15 years. His son is single and they shared the same hobbies so the house is full of electrical items and record collections. My father as ill as he is cannot get funding and was put on a restraining drug on discharge and his dementia patches were doubled in strength ,for a week he was aggressive and violent and then calmed down but just was out of it like a zombie , then after about 3 weeks he was assessed for chc funding. So convenient it was not a true reflection on his metal and physical health. When he was a little more used to the drugs 2 weeks later he started off having the delirium’s and hallucinations back again. My father is now having to sell his house for his care.

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