Dementia Action Week: Ascot Care Agency designs bespoke sensory boards to support client wellbeing

dementia board

Ascot Care Agency, a family-run home care business based in Darlington, is launching a bespoke range of sensory boards to mark Dementia Action Week.

Designed by deputy manager Mike Campling, the sensory boards have been developed to help people with dementia, especially those with sensory loss or communication difficulties.

The boards can be custom-made so that they reflect anything an individual holds dear to them (example pictured).

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Campling said: “The sensory boards have been something we’ve been working on for some time, they are ideal for any one experiencing dementia, be it home care clients or residents in a care home.

“Making the boards unique to each individual, spending time to work out what is most important to people, and finding ways to incorporate that into a design is hugely satisfying.

“This started when I was brain storming something meaningful we could buy for our clients at Christmas. The sensory boards are perfect, as they support people experiencing dementia to be able to interact with their environment using their visual and tactile senses.”

Campling continued: “Dementia is a progressive condition and one of the common features of this progression is increased confusion and communication difficulties. The sensory boards allow people to interact with their environment in a multi-sensory way, which can be both stimulating and calming for them, they can also be used as a multi-generational activity, by encouraging younger people to interact with the elderly by using the sensory boards together.”

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