EXCLUSIVE: Anthropos sets out roadmap to meet growing demand for care technology

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Connected care platform Anthropos has set out a roadmap to extend its capabilities and distinguish itself from its competitors.

The news comes amid a growing demand for care technology, triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the main focuses of the roadmap is monitoring key care concerns, including falls and hydration.

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“We’ve got to be better detecting falls,” said Anthropos CEO Jim Patience. “So not just identifying that a fall has taken place, but identifying indicators that can suggest if an elderly person might be susceptible to a fall. A good indicator of that is gait speed.”

Another key concern for families is if their loved one wanders outside of their home at night.

“We don’t use any wearables at the moment and although we can raise the alert that they have left the house, we don’t know where they are. So we are going to look at how we can use geofencing and geotracking to monitor the older person when they’re out of the house,” explained Patience.

“We’ve also got to be better at monitoring hydration because it can lead to all sorts of problems in an older person, and also medication management, so if someone is on medication, ensuring that they’re conforming to the regime.”

Anthropos is also looking to help people and their carers manage longer-term conditions. It is about to start a trial in Warwickshire with Unique Senior Care, a care commissioning group, a local authority and two GP practices to look at how technology can help with the issue of frailty.

“That’s going to be really interesting,” said Patience. “Dementia is also high on everyone’s agenda so we will look at how we can provide intelligence to better manage the condition.”

The CEO added: “We’re also going to extend our capabilities around artificial intelligence and machine learning. We’re only at the beginning of that journey. And we’re going to integrate better with other technologies that a care provider could be using.

“We’ve got to build the right set of capabilities into our platform and we’ve got to keep working with care providers to move forward with this technology because it has such an important role to play in changing the way we deliver care at home.”

The rollout of Anthropos technology was stalled by the pandemic last year, but the business is now ready to deliver its solutions, not only to its current clients, including Home Instead and AXA Health Taking Care, but to a potential new wave of customers.

“It’s quite an exciting journey that we’re on,” Patience said. “If I can use the word positive in relation to COVID, the positive impact it has had for us is that it has increased the market for our technology and increased the awareness among the general public and care providers on what technology can do to improve outcomes.

“I always hear care providers say that they need to use technology more and it needs to be part of parcel of the way they do business. I think that mindset change has started and I don’t think we’ll go back.”

To view a recorded interview with Anthropos CEO Jim Patience, click here.

The interview has also been printed in full in the April edition of Home Care Insight magazine.

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