EXCLUSIVE: Cera expands into nursing services amid growing demand for ‘hospital care at home’

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Fast-growing home care provider, Cera, has announced its expansion into nursing services across its UK network.

The company, which employs a team of over 6,000 across more than 70 locations, will be partnering with the NHS, local authorities and GPs to ensure that those requiring treatment at home for complex conditions or long COVID-19 have access to qualified nurses, via Cera’s telehealth platform. 

The expansion marks Cera’s first major foray into additional healthcare services, as part of its overall ambition to move more aspects of healthcare out of hospitals and into people’s own homes. 

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Cera hopes that this move can solve three issues in tandem. Firstly, improving the health outcomes of those requiring care in their own homes, secondly, ensuring greater development and training opportunities for professional carers working within the home care sector and, thirdly, addressing the chronic shortage of nursing staff throughout the UK.  

As well as employing existing nurses, Cera will be offering its carers the opportunity to train and qualify as nurses themselves. In doing so, Cera seeks to provide frontline workers with greater learning and development opportunities, as well as more diverse options for their career progression. 

The company will be partnering with a number of universities to offer clinical training courses, with further details to be announced over the coming weeks. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an estimated shortage of more than 50,000 qualified nurses in the UK. 

Karen Healey, who recently joined Cera as Head of Nursing Business Development, commented: “Having worked first-hand at the forefront of clinical services, I see a real opportunity for Cera to make a positive difference in the lives of those living with complex conditions, by providing accessible support from qualified nurses, particularly in communities where they otherwise might struggle.

“Our highly-skilled staff will be able to take a holistic approach, between nursing services and everyday social care, to ensure those using our services can live as healthily and independently as possible. Through collaboration with the NHS, GPs and Local Authorities, we look forward to delivering this change over the coming months and years. We’re also hugely proud to be able to offer Professional Carers an opportunity to expand their skill set and clinical qualifications.”

Ben Maruthappu, co-founder and CEO of Cera, added: “The chronic shortage of nurses in the UK very much mirrors the issues we face from a social care perspective, and we’re excited to help try and solve these two issues in parallel. More broadly, the pandemic has accelerated an already marked shift in healthcare services moving out of hospitals and being delivered in people’s own homes.

“This approach consistently leads to better health outcomes, as well as increased efficiency and reduced costs.  Expanding our own services to include nursing is a natural next step for our growth, as well as in our overarching mission of empowering people to live longer, healthier and better lives in their own homes.”

Users of Cera’s nursing services will have their vital signs and key health data points monitored remotely, allowing nurses to identify, and react to, changes in health conditions much quicker than traditional methods. They will also be able to interact with qualified nurses both in-person and remotely.

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