EXCLUSIVE: Cera reveals acquisition drive as part of post-COVID expansion

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Cera, the UK tech-enabled home care firm, has announced its intention to acquire more care businesses as it accelerates its growth.

The company, which has risen from zero to more than 70 branches and 6,000 staff since its launch in November 2016, said it sees acquisitions as a key element of its growth strategy in the UK and beyond.

In terms of purchasing strategy, Cera confirmed it has two primary focuses; firstly, established, quality and mid-sized domiciliary care businesses and, secondly, complex and specialist care providers of a similar scale and maturity.

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Paul Richards, director of Mergers and Acquisitions at Cera, said: “Cera’s future trajectory, as well as its track record over the past several years, is a testament to its value for both the industry and older people across the UK. To complement our other areas of growth, we are actively building up a pipeline of businesses we could work with in the short and long-term.

“For a number of reasons, the coming months offer an ideal window for those looking to sell care businesses and, in particular, we’re keen to speak with established, mid-sized businesses across domiciliary, complex and specialist care.”

Over the last year, Cera has made a string of acquisitions across the UK. In February 2020, it announced the takeover of Mears Group’s domiciliary care businesses in England, Scotland and Wales and completed the purchase in September.

It also acquired Gemcare South West, which has two branches in Plymouth and Modbury, in August.

The company has seen strong growth throughout COVID-19, having delivered almost six million care visits during the pandemic to date. At present, Cera is delivering more than 30,000 care visits every day.

Cera filled 5,000 new jobs in 2020 and has created a further 5,000 jobs nationwide, for which it is actively seeking candidates.

Notably, Cera is seeking to attract new carers from industries that have been hardest-hit by COVID-19 and which carry transferable skills, such as hospitality, retail and airlines.

For more details on Cera’s acquisition strategy, click here to read a Q&A with Cera’s M&A director Paul Richards.

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