EXCLUSIVE: Home care tech suppliers welcome new ‘NHSX’ unit


NHSX, a new government unit created to bring the benefits of modern technology to every patient and clinician, has been hailed a “great step forward” for the home care sector by domiciliary tech suppliers.

The organisation, launched last month, will aim to create the most advanced health and care service in the world to diagnose diseases earlier, free up staff time and empower patients to take greater control of their own healthcare.

Currently, much NHS technology relies on systems designed for a pre-internet age. Patients are not getting the care they need because their data does not follow them round the system.

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Change has been slow because responsibility for digital, data and tech has been split across multiple agencies, teams and organisations. NHSX aims to change this by bringing together all the levers of policy, implementation and change for the first time.

Welcoming the move, domiciliary care technology suppliers said the unit will help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and increase the delivery of person-centred home care.

Laetitia Van Hoecke, marketing lead at Birdie, a care technology platform that supports care professionals in delivering better and safer elderly care at home, said:The NHSX is taking on the digital transformation in the NHS, with the mission of allowing patients and staff to benefit from the latest digital systems and technology. This is a great step forward for both the health and care industry. It will facilitate communications and the dynamic flow of data between care professionals, families and other health practitioners and ultimately give back control to the individual over their own health.

“Today, too many seniors are hospitalised simply because of a lack of coordination of services or information on their state of health. With the right information at their fingertips and the help of strong analytics care professionals will be able to make the right decisions, at the right time. Care can become responsive to patient’s needs and predictive to their health issues with the reward of billions of economy and a population that lives longer but more importantly that lives better.”

Van Hoecke has urged all health-tech organisations to support NHSX.

“Together, we can build an integrated healthcare system where professionals, carers and patients communicate well and are guided to gain in treatment efficiency and time. We need to seize this opportunity to support healthcare professionals in a way that has never been seen before. What’s at stake?  Our health and wellbeing and the potential to save lives,” she added.

Bruce Hiscock, CEO of everyLIFE Technologies, said the creation of NHSX will facilitate an effective use of available data by ensuring that health or care crises are dealt with effectively in the appropriate environment.

everyLife was launched with the aim of transforming the social care sector through an intelligent care management software platform; The PASSsystem.

“The potential for integrated solutions to achieve both enhanced hospital discharge processes and avoidance of unnecessary hospital admissions will increase the delivery of person-centred home care, thereby improving care receivers’ quality of life and reducing the cost burden on the NHS,” Hiscock said.

Nick Patrick, managing director of home care software provider Quikplan, also welcomed the launch of NHSX, but issued a word of caution over data security.

“If the NHSX is implemented and it works it will be a great benefit to everyone. Security is always a concern and personal information often finds itself in the wrong hands if not properly managed.

“The NHS have spent millions on schemes to share information in the past and have failed miserably. There is no way forward with health care IT infrastructure unless they get this element of data sharing sorted.

“In short, this can be a very good thing if it works, but if it’s managed badly it could be extremely dangerous.”

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