EXCLUSIVE: New solution launched to address supply and demand crisis in home care


T2Z Care Services, a home care provider based in Gloucestershire, has partnered with OnePlan to offer a solution that could address the challenge of meeting a growing number of care calls with too few available staff.

The news follows the launch of Operation Formation Skydive, a pilot scheme led by T2Z that will see providers swapping and sharing visits in order to sustain care and support and avoid the collapse of vital services.

The initiative is now powered by OnePlan software and enables participating care providers to be notified of unfulfilled care calls as they arise.

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T2Z is currently engaged with 15 district and county councils to implement the solution.

“It’s proving very popular,” Troy Zimbalatti, managing director of T2Z. “This is going to help everyone and gives us some very useful capabilities for all kinds of future resource responses as needed.”

Discussing the partnership, OnePlan account manager Rick Townes said his company was immediately impressed with Zimbalatti and his business development partner. Joao Coelho. when they met earlier this year.

“We found that their views were not only focused on themselves but that they have wider ambitions and drive to help evolve better care for everyone,” Townes said.

“This is very much in line with our own sentiments and positioning, so we clicked immediately.”

The idea for Operation Formation Skydive came about when Zimbalatti started to notice that domiciliary care services were seeing their staffing levels worsening and care packages being handed back to local authorities.

The MD hopes the project will help reform the way domiciliary care services operate in order to create a “working together” attitude and a “partnership ethos” that could influence positive change.

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