EXCLUSIVE: Pilot scheme to see care providers working together to overcome recruitment crisis


A new pilot scheme will see home care providers working in partnership with one another to overcome the current recruitment crisis and prevent the handback of care packages.

Launching in Gloucestershire, Operation Formation Skydive will see providers swapping and sharing visits, providing office and transport support, and sharing data and confidential information, in order to sustain care and support and avoid the collapse of vital services.

T2Z Care Services, the brains behind the scheme, will launch the pilot over the coming weeks.

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If successful, the aim is to roll out the scheme on a national scale, to help maintain urgent care and support in times of emergency.

“This would be specifically relevant when there are severe weather conditions, epidemic or pandemic outbreaks of sickness affecting the community and employees, mass self-isolation and, of course, workforce shortage crisis circumstances and recruitment difficulties we are currently facing now,” explained Troy Zimbalatti, owner and managing director of T2Z Care Services, in an interview with HCI.

“It would also apply in stress conditions affecting the NHS, industrial action and fuel shortages.”

The idea for Operation Formation Skydive came about when Zimbalatti started to notice a huge increase in clients emailing him through their brokerage teams earlier this year.

Research also told him that domiciliary care services were seeing their staffing levels worsening and care packages were being handed back to local authorities.

Zimbalatti hopes the project will help reform the way domiciliary care services operate in order to create a “working together” attitude and a “partnership ethos” that could influence positive change.

He added: “Ultimately my intention is to support with preventing clients being left vulnerable, or clients having to be handed back to the local authority and then waiting weeks for another care provider to be able to support them.

“I also intend to offer this contingency to district councils on a national scale as it is coming up to winter and I understand many local authorities do not have plans like this in place. The long-term beauty of this is that potentially we could have a national unified way of working in cases of contingency and change the way home care operates forever.”

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