EXCLUSIVE: Scotland home care provider eyes UK and European expansion

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HRM Homecare Services, one of the largest care specialists providing home support to vulnerable people in Scotland, has shared its ambition to expand its presence across the UK and Europe.

Speaking to HCI, founder and managing director Lynn Laughland said her company has strong ambitions to branch out over the next three to five years, starting in the North East of England.

“Post pandemic, we’d like to build on our strong track record of growth. It’s about the model of care that we deliver and making sure that we deliver the type of holistic care services that people really want. So I think over the next three to five years we would hope to have expanded our business to other areas of the UK and hopefully into Europe,” she said.

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“The North East of England is closest to us and probably easiest for us to access in terms of building our structures. So that is where we are looking at the moment.”

HRM Homecare Services has also had enquiries from the Canary Islands to set up the business there.

Laughland said: “I’m really interested in these [European] countries. I’ve been visiting them for years and researched who delivers their care services, and they don’t seem to have sophisticated care structure. It’s really interesting to think about how these nations are going to respond to an ageing demographic.

“I think there are huge opportunities for organisations to develop their models and then replicate that. The Canary Islands have a whole raft of incentives for businesses to set up there, such as changes in business rates and funds for setting up.”

Laughland established HRM from her living room in 1994, when she started helping a neighbour in need of personal support.

Fast forward 27 years, and the business now has three large hubs serving nine local authority areas in West and Central Scotland.

Laughland said: “We have invested a lot in the last three years, in terms of our structure and the quality of our services, so we have a really strong pipeline of work. We want to be the preferred employer and supplier in our area, and we really want to work more closely with people to improve their quality of life and support their independence.”

The MD believes it’s vital for all countries to build the capacity for sustainable care organisations going forward, so they are able support ageing populations.

“It’s really important that we get behind care organisations to support their growth and development because populations will require that care, and I don’t think that message is being conveyed clearly enough to people,” she explained.

“I’ve read statistics that show that by 2040, over 50% of the population of Spain will be over 80 years-old. That’s mind-blowing.

“It’s important that we convey the message about the real value of social care and why it’s needed. It’s not just about the workforce and being able to provide care – it’s actually the fact that nations will need a huge increase of well-positioned and well-trained organisations that can deliver this support.”

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