Former aide to Boris Johnson calls for free personal care for older people


A Tory MP and former political aide to Boris Johnson is calling for free personal care for over 65s.

Danny Kruger (pictured) is proposing a shift to a more “community-centred care system” and for all personal care costs at home to be covered by public funds.

His recommendations have been published in a pamphlet published by think tank Demos.

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Outlining his plans for a new “care commitment”, Kruger said: “The problem which lies beneath the underfunding of the social care system is that as a society we do not really respect elderly people, or working age adults with care needs. Nor do we properly value the people who, paid or unpaid, look after them. This is why social care has always been the Cinderella of the public services, with underinvestment by successive governments largely accepted by voters. We have built a model that pushes people with care needs, carers and care workers to the margins of our society – out of sight, out of mind, and out of pocket. That now must change.

“There is every reason to be hopeful that, as we emerge from the long shadow of Covid-19, we can build a system that gives elderly people, and other adults with care needs, dignity and independence, preserves family assets, and properly rewards care workers for their vital, skilled and loving work.”

The MP has also proposed that a family home should not have to be sold to pay for care, on the condition that a “joint commitment” is made by the individual, their family, the local authority and the government to “each play their part”.

He said local and central government have a responsibility to co-fund care and to ensure a range of formal and informal support for people with care needs and their families.

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