Former CQC boss backs new home care tech from Cera Care


Tech-enabled care provider Cera Care has announced that it will roll out a new app next month to bring social care provision in the home up to date.

Cera Care’s new Smart Care technology, backed by Sir David Behan, former CEO of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), is designed to enable earlier detection of health concerns and risks, and streamline care.

The app features a Concern Predictor that alerts caregivers to any possible deterioration in a person’s physical and psychological health, therefore reducing pressures on the NHS.

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It identifies concern levels following visits with an accuracy of 82%, which means Cera operational staff have the actionable information they need to manage the health of clients before conditions worsen.

Cera’s Concern Predictor has already identified 715 cases of increased concern.

The Smart Care technology also allows carers to access up-to-date information about the person they are caring for, in order to personalise care to each individual.

This includes notes about the mood of the individual, alongside key needs, habits, and preferences.

Cera’s AI-driven Dynamic Tasks have been proven to be 93% accurate at correctly identifying the “next best action” for a visit, which can reduce the risk of key tasks being missed and makes care more consistent.

It also shares updates about tasks completed immediately and ensures information about developments in an individual’s care are taken into account quickly.

Cera Care co-founder Dr. Ben Maruthappu said Smart Care is just the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to the benefits new tech could provide.

“The really innovative part of this launch is undoubtedly the use of AI to identify health conditions and risks before any carer possibly could. That’s going to benefit the NHS, give families peace of mind, and save lives. But I’m just as excited about the tech that will make care smoother, more efficient, and more personalised – it’s innovative in this sector but to be honest it’s just closing the 20 year gap when it comes to care and technology.”

Smart Care has been built by analysing 68,000 care records. Medical professionals reviewed the records to highlight key information and the annotated data was then run through machine learning models. The end result is a trained algorithm able to make accurate predictions and apply a score to indicate levels of priority.

Sir David Behan CBE, who served as Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission from 2012 to 2018, and who is Chair of the Advisory Board for Cera Care, is backing the tech.

He said: “By making use of advanced technology, Cera Care is streamlining multiple aspects of care-delivery, making carers’ workloads more manageable whilst also increasing the quality of care for older people. This technology provides preventative care so has the ability to help relieve pressure on the social care system and ultimately, the NHS, something that we all know is in critical need.”

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