Glasgow in home care crisis as 1,000 workers set to quit with equal pay settlements


An estimated 1,000 home care workers in Glasgow are expected to quit their jobs when they receive equal pay settlement cheques, leaving thousands of elderly and disabled people without support, a new report has warned.

The City Council plans to pay out £500 million to female home care workers affected by historic discriminatory pay policies.

But up to 40% of workers are expected to use their settlements to take early retirement or quit their jobs, according to a report seen by The Herald.

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The report was written by Glasgow’s chief social work officer Susanne Miller and will be presented to the Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) on March 27.

In it, she says that more than three quarters of all home care workers are due a settlement as part of equal pay negotiations designed to rectify historic unfairness to women.

“It is anticipated that between 18–40 per cent of our home care staff may choose to leave. Furthermore it is predicted that 50-80 per cent of staff in supervisory roles who are key to the day to day planning of work, assessment and supervision of front line staff may choose to leave,” Millar said in a briefing to HSCP members.

An additional problem is anticipated if such a loss of staff increases pressure on those who remain, according to Millar. Change and uncertainty could lead to more people taking sick leave.

“Within the community, our home care services could not sustain the service to our 5,500 service users with this loss of capacity,” Millar warned.

A spokesman for the HSCP said: “We are currently plan for a potential loss of staff and the resultant impact this will have on services as a result of the equal pay settlement.

“A team is looking at how we can mitigate this reduction in capacity and adapt the way in which we deliver services. The precise effect on the service is unclear at this stage but it is clearly prudent to prepare for what may lie ahead.”

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