GOOD CARE NEWS: Client artwork transforms home care provider office

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A home care provider based in Devon has given its office a makeover using colourful artwork produced by its service users.

The Care Company (South West) challenged its clients to create landscape paintings that would decorate the work space, while also making them feel valued during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founder and managing director Sarah Sabater said: “We had built our humble offices late 2019, and soon found that our walls had little decoration. Instead of ordering in paintings, we concluded what better way to decorate our offices than with our extremely talented clients’ own work?

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“Soon, clients, who had our carers’ full support, were painting their own artwork and we had fantastic feedback rolling in. It was such a pleasure to get them involved, not to mention witness their incredible talent.”

The idea for the project was first discussed at the beginning of the first lockdown, as The Care Company recognised the impacts of the pandemic on its clients, including loneliness and isolation.

“We wanted to bring our clients (those of whom wanted to participate) a project to happily work on, to make them realise that they’re valued and are recognised as the heart of The Care Company,” Sabater explained.

“We really think that it not only distracted away from the harsh reality of the pandemic, which caused concerning mental health decline across the nation, but it also gave a sense of involvement and meaning.

Sabater added: “In what were very challenging times, especially for our clients at home, it really fuelled a sense of happiness. It allowed our clients to express themselves freely through their artwork and took away from what was a harsh reality across the nation.

“Every day, we walk into our main office with our walls decorated with our clients’ paintings, which brings such joy to all of us. It really brings us a sense of purpose every morning, and just puts such a smile all on our faces.”

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