GOOD CARE NEWS: Helping Hands carer praised for ‘incredible kindness’

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A home carer from Warwickshire has been praised by his managing director for his “incredible kindness” after going the extra mile for his disabled client.

Simon, an employee at Helping Hands, supports customer Andrew, who is reliant on his large motorised wheelchair for transport.

Andrew’s wheelchair can create some difficulties when he wants to take a day trip to his local town, as a taxi alone costs £50 for a round-trip.

Simon and the Warwickshire care team have tried to use community transport for Andrew, but they soon discovered that it wasn’t possible because Andrew lives in a very rural area.

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When Simon was in the process of changing his personal car, he decided to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle that could accommodate Andrew, so he could take him out on day trips and make the most of his social visits.

Andrew was elated when he saw Simon’s new car and made his first request for a trip out – a drive-through McDonald’s.

HCI’s has shared this story as part of our Good Care News series, which aims to highlight the important contribution that care workers make to society.

It has also inspired the launch of Helping Hands’ Moments of Kindness scheme, which celebrates and rewards staff on a local, regional and national level.

Group managing director Karyn MacKenzie said: “I came to Helping Hands because I was captivated by a business whose values were underpinned by making a difference every day and caring for people in need, and over the last 18 months I’ve been overwhelmed by how many people really go the extra mile. The effort, the care, the passion and the kindness that I see every day underpins everything at Helping Hands, and I want to celebrate this.

She continued: “I’m really excited and proud to launch Moments of Kindness and recognise those moments that we know happen every day at Helping Hands. This is much more than a regular box of chocolates once a year or a pat on the back – those things are fine in themselves of course – but this scheme is about recognising and rewarding our staff in a way that’s personal and heartfelt.”

Nominations for the Moments of Kindness scheme can be made here and will be put forward for selection at a local level. If successful, winners will then be selected for regional and national awards.

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