GOOD CARE NEWS: Live-in care provider on how music lifts the spirits of client with Parkinson’s


Live-in care specialist The Good Care Group has demonstrated how music can improve the wellbeing of people living with Parkinson’s disease.

Professional live-in carer Hellen has been working closely with her client (Mr N) whose condition has deteriorated to the point where he is now bed bound.

Parkinson’s disease can cause him to experience changes to his mood, but through music, Hellen has been able to lift his spirits.

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From speaking to Mr N’s friends, Hellen was able to identify a range of music that Mr N liked to listen to, and discovered that his favourite genre is Reggae.

Hellen noticed that listening to this music made Mr N more relaxed, so now schedules music afternoons into his daily routine. During these sessions Mr N claps along with the beats. 

Due to Mr N’s condition, he can be very wary of new carers so, to help the carers who cover Hellen’s breaks build trust with Mr N, Hellen shared her knowledge of his love of Reggae music. This collaborative working has had a positive impact on Mr N’s wellbeing and anxiety.

The detailed handovers carers give to one another ensures that Mr N receives continuity of care, this includes his love of Reggae.

Hellen has also noticed that music can help Mr N when he is unwell. At times he loses his appetite, but playing a song can turn the situation around.

The Good Care Group said: “Having Hellen as a live-in carer enables Mr N to continue to live the best life he can within his own home. The recognition of Mr N as an individual and the small gestures Hellen has been able to make as a live-in carer means Mr N’s quality of life is maintained.

“Working collaboratively with other carers has also ensured that Mr N’s needs are truly understood and the special touches Hellen provides are not lost when she is away.  

“It is widely recognised that playing music can have a great impact on mental wellbeing and the benefits can definitely be seen by Hellen with Mr N.”

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