Good Care News: Live-in care worker helps client go from dependent to independent in 12 months

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A live-in care worker has been praised for helping a client with mental health problems go from dependent to independent in just 12 months.

Home Care Insight shared this story as part of our Good Care News series, which aims to highlight the important contribution that care workers make to society.

Five years ago, Sarah Jane Pollard (pictured) suffered a couple of setbacks in life that brought on depression and left her battling for her life for eight days in an intensive care unit. Due to her mental wellbeing, she failed to manage her diabetes successfully, which resulted in a diabetes coma. 

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Sarah recovered and returned home to her mother in Blackpool to start her rehabilitation programme, but she became extremely vulnerable because of her mental health, which resulted in excessive drinking and destructive behaviour.

Mental health interventions were put in place and Sarah was moved to a dementia residential care home on the Fylde coast. 

Social services and other health professionals were aware that this care home setting was not the right fit for Sarah, but struggled to find a solution which was more appropriate for her care needs. 

As a result, Peter Bailey, a social worker for Lancashire Social Services contacted Promedica24 in North Yorkshire & Lancashire to discuss 24/7 live-in care at home.

Following the assessment process live-in care was deemed the appropriate solution as it was tailored to meet Sarah’s needs and desire to be independent. Sarah would be supported in her own home, able to live an independent life, with the security of around the clock care.

Once Sarah settled into her home, she welcomed Karolina, her long-term carer from Promedica24, who provided the specialist care and assistance required to support her back to independence. As well as assisting with personal care, Karolina provided companionship and assisted with fulfilling daily activities.

Karolina ensured that Sarah took her medication as prescribed and supported her to maintain a healthy diet, particularly in her most vulnerable months.

After a year, Sarah’s care package came to an end, as she was deemed safe to live independently.

Talking about Sarah’s transformation over the last 12 months, Karolina said: “I’m absolutely delighted with Sarah’s transformation. It was very nice to hear from Sarah’s mother, Cynthia, and to find out that she’s enjoying a happy and fulfilled life.

“Sarah has transitioned from such a low point in her life, from mood swings, to a complete lack of confidence and being unable to look after herself or even prepare a meal to where she is now – confident, happy and much more independent, living on her own.”

Sarah spoke of some of the happiest moments she has shared with Karolina. She said: “We had so much fun on my birthday making my cake and putting all the candles on it and I’ll never forget Halloween when we dressed up and went out shopping together.”

Karolina said she is delighted to see a happy end to Sarah’s live-in care journey, adding: “I will miss Sarah immensely, but I’m extremely proud to know that I’ve had such a positive impact on her life and helped her to rebuild her confidence and ability to look after herself again. I find it hard to imagine how difficult it must have been for Sarah when she was in a care home at such a young age.”

Gary Derbyshire, Promedica24 regional partner said: “I am proud to have played my part and it only goes to show that when a person is at such a low point in life that the right sort of care can change a person’s life for the better. This helps everyone and this shows that 24/7 live-in care at home can be a truly life enhancing experience.”

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