GOOD CARE NEWS: Live-in care worker praised for making positive difference to client with dementia

Marion Richardson, Malgorzata and Julie

Professional live-in care worker, Malgorzata Zapotoczna, has been commended for providing exceptional care and support for her client Marion Richardson, who lives with dementia.

It was nearly a year ago that Malgorzata, who works for Promedica24, first stepped into Marion and her family’s lives. From the very beginning, she has strived to go above and beyond her regular duties to ensure Marion is enjoying life and living well in the comfort of her own home.

Promedica24 shared this story as part of out Good Care News series, which shines a spotlight on care professionals who make a positive difference to people’s lives.

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Marion developed dementia in later life and required some additional care and support. For Marion and her family, live-in care was the best option to ensure she could continue living as independently as possible in her home, close to family, friends and her most loved possessions.

“It’s understandably a difficult time for family members when their loved one is diagnosed with dementia. As a live-in care worker, I’m able to reassure families and provide peace of mind that their vulnerable relative: mum, sister, aunt, is in the most capable hands,” said Malgorzata.

Part of Malgorzata’s role as a live-in care worker is to support and encourage Marion to get involved in activities and hobbies she enjoys and is familiar with. She understands the importance of a personalised approach to support Marion’s health and wellbeing.

Throughout her life, Marion has always enjoyed maths and problem-solving. From word puzzles to totting up the shopping bill, it’s something that brings her a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Malgorzata quickly discovered Marion’s interests and decided to create word and number games to do at home. The puzzles, including multiplication, division and subtraction worksheets, missing word and word search riddles, all aim to challenge Marion’s quick-thinking and logical reasoning skills, helping her remain active despite dementia.

Malgorzata added: “Everyone should be able to continue doing the things they enjoy in the place they call home. Some of us need a little extra support to be able to live the way we want to, and I’m proud to say that through my work as a live-in carer, I am making a tangible, positive difference in people’s lives.”

Malgorzata’s actions were commended by the family: “Mum needs stimulating otherwise she will sit and do nothing or fall asleep. Malgorzata recognised this and suggested word searches that are great for occupying mum and making her feel good. This led to the maths sheets which mum said were too easy at first, so we made them more difficult to stretch her concentration level.

“She loves it and gets a real sense of achievement completing quite difficult sums that most of us would use a calculator for! When Malgorzata is shopping, she’s always looking out for things that mum would enjoy. At quiet times Malgorzata makes sure mum’s favourite music is playing as mum loves to sing along. This keeps her relaxed and happy.”

Gillian Louggar, care manager at Promedica24, commented: “It’s very important to us that we support our clients to keep pursuing their interests and hobbies. We match our clients with our care workers based not only on their immediate care needs, but also their interests, preferences, and personality traits. By doing this, we enable our clients to feel comfortable and empowered to continue the hobbies they love and enjoy.

“Malgorzata has helped Marion to find fulfilment in something she has enjoyed all throughout her life. Her experience in care and commitment to improving her clients emotional and physical wellbeing is a shining example of how care workers improve the quality of people’s lives every day.”

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