GOOD CARE NEWS: Live-in carer helps client with dementia rediscover her love for baking


A live-in carer has described how she brought joy to one of her clients by helping her rediscover her love for baking.   

Home Care Insight shared this story as part of our Good Care News series, launched in January 2020, which aims to highlight the important contribution that care workers make to society.

When professional live-in carer, Cheryl, discovered how much her client ‘J’,  who is living with dementia, used to enjoy cooking and baking for her family and friends from her local parish, she stepped up to help her take up the once-loved activity.

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J had a clear recollection of how much she loved baking, she just wasn’t able to do it on her own – all she needed was a little support and encouragement.

Cheryl explained: “J wanted to make a cake independently, so I tried not to interfere and be there just to assist when needed. It was important to J to make this herself for her family who were visiting on the weekend.

“The whole process of preparing the cake took 4.5 hours – which was 4.5 hours of fun for J, ending with the satisfaction of another two hours for the cake to bake in the oven. J happily beat the eggs on the bench, not in a bowl, she was in her element and it brought her so much joy. So much so that we still talk about it weeks later.

“J was so proud of the end result and her family were overwhelmed to see how much joy and sensory input she got out of the process.”

Cheryl’s actions were praised by the Good Care Group, whose aim is to enable older people to live independently in their own home.

“Caring for a client isn’t just about their immediate day-to-day medication or personal care needs,” said Cheryl. “It’s about looking at the whole person and supporting them in their choices of how they want to live their life at home. And that includes supporting them with their hobbies and interests. It’s a chance to really get to know a person, for me it’s also about being creative on how I can help and it’s incredibly rewarding to see people thrive.”

CheryI, originally from New Zealand, used to be a secretary and longed to do something that would give her more job satisfaction. Caring for other people seemed an obvious choice.

She said: “New Zealand does not have live-in carers, so I applied to The Good Care Group and came to the UK 18 months ago. I love this beautiful country and thought I’d work while I toured. With Covid, I ended up mainly working. Live-in care is so satisfying and you are able to concentrate on one person. Making their days happy from the moment they wake to the time you say goodnight.”

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