Good Care News: ‘Superstar’ Wellbeing Team gives client a new lease of life

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A team of care workers based in Oxfordshire has transformed the life of an elderly resident who was once lonely and isolated.

The staff from BelleVie Wellbeing Teams were able to gain the trust and, later, the friendship of a client who was initially reluctant to have their involvement.

BelleVie Wellbeing Teams has shared the story as part of HCI’s Good Care News series, which aims to highlight the important contribution that care workers make to society.

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Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

“When we first started getting to know DM, she had recently relocated to the area, to be nearer to her family. At first DM was reluctant to have our involvement, she was keen to maintain her independence and said she didn’t need our help,” said Katy, a former teacher and new recruit at BelleVie Wellbeing Teams.

DM visits the garden centre with her Wellbeing carers.

“But underneath, DM was quite lonely and isolated, she didn’t remember to take her tablets or socialise with her friends.

“We took time to get to know DM, to develop a plan for her care and support, centred around her needs and interests. Now DM calls us her friends.”

The Wellbeing Workers help DM have baths, cook an evening meal and make sure she takes her medication when she should. They have also helped her reconnect with old friends and make new ones in her new community.

“We take her for lunchtime visits to local garden centres, and to a local café for a cup of hot chocolate. We have planned coffee mornings, Christmas parties and get-togethers,” said Katy.

“We chat, we laugh, we have a cup of tea, we share moments, we put the world to rights. We help DM to feel less lonely and more connected to her local area. We do this because DM, just like all the people we support, is at the heart of everything that BelleVie Wellbeing Teams does.”

DM’s niece wrote the team a note for Christmas that describes the caring relationship between the care team and DM. She said: “[DM] has blossomed since you started visiting, she is much more cheerful, less lonely, better fed, and taking her pills again. You have brought her to a new lease of life with your genuine kindness and care. You are all superstars!”

A Wellbeing Worker takes a walk in the park with DM.

BelleVie Wellbeing Teams is a new partnership between BelleVie and Wellbeing Teams in Oxfordshire, which is currently rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.

They have combined the strengths of Wellbeing Teams to deliver outstanding care in the community, and of Bellevie to provide high-quality operational, technology and communication support.

Wellbeing Workers work in small, self-managing teams, delivering outcomes to support people to live well at home.

Violaine Pierre, co-founder and COO of BelleVie said: “Our teams are empowered to make the day-to-day decisions on how to help those we support to thrive, and help each other to be the best versions of themselves. The story from Katy, our newest recruit, is one of many stories of how our Wellbeing Workers are making a difference. We couldn’t be prouder.”

Commenting on her role at BelleVie Wellbeing Teams, Katy said: “I have been a Wellbeing Worker for BelleVie Wellbeing Teams for several months and it has completely opened my eyes to the world of care and support for elderly people living at home. Every day is different: supporting and helping our interesting and varied group of people we support never feels like work. Going the extra mile to ensure the people we care for are happy and well is what we, as a team, strive to do.”

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