Government ‘finalising’ plans to fix social care crisis, says PM

Boris Johnson

The government is finalising plans to fix the problems in social care, the prime minister has announced.

Revealing details of his “New Deal” to help revive the UK economy from the COVID-19 crisis, Boris Johnson said the Conservatives “won’t wait” to fix the problem of social care that “every government has flunked for 30 years”.

“We will end the injustice that some people have to sell their homes to finance the costs of their care while others don’t. We are finalising our plans and we will build a cross-party consensus,” he said.

The PM added in his speech to the nation yesterday that the government “must work fast” to plan its response and to fix the problems that were “most brutally illuminated” during the crisis, including the “problems in our social care system”.

The news comes just weeks after Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock admitted that social care reform could be further delayed due to the pandemic.

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Hancock said in a daily briefing on June 2 that it would not be “straightforward” to meet the Prime Minister’s target of getting the long-awaited reforms under way this year.

Johnson promised to fix the social care crisis in his opening address as the new prime minister in June 2019, but in January this year he confirmed the rescue plan could still be five years away.

Meanwhile, new research has revealed that more than half (56%) of people over the age of 45 believe that delays to social care funding reforms has hampered the coronavirus response.

The study by financial services company, Just Group, also found that among Conservative voters, just 43% believe the PM will produce a social care policy in this Parliament, dropping to 35% who think he will be able to actually put it into practise.

The research was carried out in two tranches earlier this year, capturing the mood soon after the 2019 General Election and during the coronavirus lockdown.

“Every year our report sheds light on the understanding and attitudes of the over-45s towards adult social care,” said Stephen Lowe, group communications director at Just Group.

“The big question going forward is whether coronavirus will be a catalyst for change or an excuse to kick the can down the road yet again.”

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  1. Does the Left hand know what the right hand is doing? Seems like a comedy sketch with the PM promising immediate reforms and the Health Secretary kicking the can 5 years down the line.

    We need reform and we need it now!

  2. I keep very naively hoping that one day care homes will all close for good, and that unwell.people will receive care in their own homes. This idea of making institutional care homes last longer is quite disturbing to me. Home care is the new future. Hopefully. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for everyone who lives in a care home. And I’m saying this for a good reason. I’ll keep the reason to myself.

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