Government urged to match Wales’ pledge for £500 social care bonus for care workers

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Campaigners in England are calling on the government to match a £500 bonus that the Welsh Government has promised for all care workers in Wales.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakesford announced the £500 bonus for all 64,000 care staff on Friday, saying it recognises these workers as providing the “invisible scaffolding of services”, which support the NHS and wider society.

It comes after the Welsh Government provided an initial £40m extra funding for adult social care services to help meet the extra costs associated with responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Scottish government also announced last month that all care workers are to be given a 3.3% pay rise in recognition of their role in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Drakeford said: “I want our social care workforce know their hard work is both appreciated and recognised. This payment is designed to provide some further recognition of the value we attach to everything they are doing.

“They are undertaking tasks, which involve a high level of intimate personal care, often accepting a greater degree of risk and responsibility. Many of our social care workers are juggling their own personal caring responsibilities with their professional ones.”

The Independent Care Group (ICG), which represents independent care providers in York and North Yorkshire, hailed the move a “generous gesture” that recognises the “amazing courage” of social care staff and urged the UK government to do the same for adult social care workers in England.

ICG chair, Mike Padgham said: “We very much hope that the English Government will follow suit and provide a bonus for all the social care staff facing the same risks and doing an amazing job here in England.”

The ICG has previously warned that care providers are being hampered in their fight against Covid-19 through a lack of PPE and insufficient testing.

In a survey of members, some 53% said they had had challenges with testing.

The ICG has also called on the government to provide better financial support for care providers amidst concerns that the £3.2bn pledged for local authorities to help them support social care is not reaching the front line.

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  1. Hi what are the government in England doing to reward all front line care staff, both in the NHS and social care?

    1. NHS worker here, disappointed in our government. Refused pay rise by parliament yet treated by us when the crap hit the storm. Under valued and taken for granted. Risk us and our families to keep you and yours safe.

  2. I work in a care home and get £8.84 hourly but have all ready been told thanks for what you did but no pay rise .
    It makes you feel really well valued

  3. When is the government going to show its aprecationce for the low paid workers who are
    Putting there lives and family at risk by working in close contact supporting the vulnerable,.

  4. My daughter works in a care home, during the last month, they lost 11 residents, the home was infected with covid 19.
    My daughter did not miss any shifts, she worked 180hrs to cover shortfalls-she works part time! She has 3 small children at home. Ppe was not provided until the home was critical. My daughter was terrified every time she left the house but she is dedicated to the residents, she held hands of residents, so they were not alone when the time came. I am so proud of my daughter working on the front line, a gratitude bonus would be the icing on the cake.

  5. I think this £ 500 bonus scheme ,which so far only Wales have committed ,should be dupicated in England, I work in social care as a support worker ,I’d like to see this extended to the cleaners ,laundry assistants ,and cooks

  6. What about scotland? Every care worker in the world should get get some recognition for caring and coping during covid 19

  7. Any update on England yet I work in a care home and only get minimum wage I have to put in 2 extra shifts a week just to be able to afford to live this 500 bonus would help massively but it seems like us care staff don’t matter if we’re not employed by the NHS.

  8. what. are the carers in edinburgh getting for being out all the way through this they said we would get a pay rise backdated to april 1st but nothing yet all we get is the words thank you

  9. I’m a care worker in the community and none of us have had any payment , could you please inform of as to why only Wales will and some have had the 500 payment, we are all card staff and work from our hearts to provide the help and support to all our se users at home

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