Home Care Insight campaign: Petition launched to enforce care worker registration in England


Home Care Insight has partnered with the National Association of Care and Support Workers (NACAS) to campaign for the compulsory registration of care workers in England.

Together, we are calling on sector leaders to support the campaign by signing our petition on

Our aim is to encourage government ministers to make the registration of adult social care workers compulsory in England – the only country in the UK not to impose this – in order to help enforce professional standards, training and consistency of care throughout the sector.

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Supporting people in social care is a highly skilled profession and we believe this must recognised as such with a registration system.

Examples of how compulsory registration would benefit both care professionals and service users include:

–        It would recognise care workers as highly-skilled individuals
–        It would demonstrate that care workers are trained and take responsibility for developing knowledge and skills
–        Professionalisation would enhance the perception of a paid care role amongst the general public, thus encouraging more people to see the value in social care and consider a role in the sector
–        Registration would mean that care workers are accountable for their conduct and their practice, thus protecting vulnerable people from harm
–        It would ensure the regulation of freelance carers employed by introductory care agencies that match these employees with members of the public

NACAS CEO Karolina Gerlich said: “Other professions that involve looking after peoples’ health and well-being require qualification and registration. They have industry standards that are transferable from one employer to another, and formal opportunities for personal development.

“It is time now that the care industry comes together to demand and establish the same. This is for the protection of people who use the services, and for care workers themselves.”

Home Care Insight editor Sarah Clarke said: “We would encourage all care professionals to sign this important petition for the benefit of their employees, clients and the social care sector as a whole.

“The register has the potential to help solve the recruitment crisis, enforce higher standards of care and enhance the value of adult social care amongst the general public.”

To sign our petition, please click here

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