Home care provider creates video to encourage BAME care workers to get COVID-19 vaccine

Kay Morley-Cooper

A home care provider based in Bristol has created a video to help encourage care workers and their families from black and minority ethnic (BAME) communities to take up the offer of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Care 1st Homecare, has teamed up with Dr Obi Nwogwugwu, a senior fellow and surgeon of Hepatobiliary surgery at the Bristol Royal Infirmary (NHS), to tackle the spread of misinformation that may be turning BAME groups against the vaccine.

The video comes in response to a recent study by the Royal Society for Public Health, which found that uptake of the vaccine amongst the BAME community is significantly lower than amongst white/Caucasian communities.

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The study revealed that three in four (76%) of the public would take a COVID-19 vaccine if advised to do so by a health professional. However, 57% of respondents from BAME backgrounds (199 respondents) were likely to accept the vaccine, compared with 79% of white respondents.

Confidence was lowest among respondents of Asian ethnicity, of whom 55% were likely to agree to have the jab.

Explaining the collaboration with Dr Nwogwugwu, Kay Morley-Cooper, director of Care 1st Homecare said: “We have had some anxiety from some of our care workers and their family members, particularly from BAME groups, and they are resistant to take up the offer of the vaccine.

“We are urging everybody to give up the fake news. You’ve come this far, so just one final push – take that vaccine up and help us get out of this lockdown.”

In the video, Dr Nwogwugwu dispels some of the myths around the side effects of having the vaccine and explains how confident he is in the COVID-19 vaccines.

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