Home care provider launches guide on how best to communicate with someone living with Alzheimer’s

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Respectful Care, a home care provider based in the East Midlands, has issued free advice on how best to communicate with a person living with Alzheimer’s. 

Coinciding with World Alzheimer’s Month, the online guide aims to maximise the communication opportunities of individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia by drawing upon the knowledge of carers with experience in this area. 

Mark Docherty, CEO of Respectful Care, said, “At Respectful Care, we look after over 500 people. More than 60 per cent of these are in the early, middle or late stages of Alzheimer’s. We’ve seen first-hand how unsettling an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be for the individual diagnosed and also for their loved ones.

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“Good communication is integral to living well after a diagnosis. It helps people with Alzheimer’s keep a sense of self, sustain relationships and maintain their quality of life. Therefore, keeping communication is pivotal. Although this will become more challenging as Alzheimer’s progresses, there are still many ways to communicate meaningfully together.” 

“We hope that our communication guide will help provide comfort and reassurance to those who may find themselves in this situation. For those who need any additional support, we would welcome any direct enquiries.”

The advice guide, put together by the Respectful Care team, can be found here.

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