Home care provider plants 2,100 trees to help mitigate climate crisis

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Fosse Healthcare, a home care provider based in the Midlands, has invested £5,000 to support the fight against climate change.

The company has teamed up with Tilhill Forestry and Bagold ltd to fund an ‘Underplanting’ project to support the plantation of 2,100 trees across two acres of land in North Wales.

Underplanting is a general term that describes the establishment of a young stand – an understorey – under the canopy of an old one – an overstorey.

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News of the investment follows a pledge from the president of Cop26, Alok Sharma, that the UK will continue to press governments around the world to cut greenhouse gas emissions urgently in the next year to limit global heating to 1.5C.

The Welsh government has also indicated its intention to deliver a decarbonisation plan for the social care sector by March 2022.

study from ETZ Zurich University, published in 2019, concluded that by restoring a very large area of forest globally, equivalent to the size of the US, it would store 205 billion tons of carbon.

That’s about two thirds of the 300 billion tons that has been released into the atmosphere as a result of human activity since the industrial revolution.

Professor Thomas Crowther, who led the study, said that the results were “mind-blowing.”

He commented: “We all knew that restoring forests could play a part in tackling climate change, but we didn’t really know how big the impact would be…But we must act quickly, as new forests will take decades to mature and achieve their full potential as a source of natural carbon storage.” 

Forrest Healthcare said the £5,000 investment is “just the start of our new efforts” to support the fight against climate change.

“We have introduced our very own Sustainability Board, an internal team within our organisation who will meet regularly to discuss ways the business can better reduce its environmental impact,” the company added.

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