Home care provider pledges to recruit 500 Afghan refugees

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Tech-enabled home care provider Cera has announced a new initiative to recruit and train 500 Afghan refugees in the UK, in response to the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

The company will be working with local councils and the government to train new arrivals from Afghanistan as professional carers over the next five years.

Ben Maruthappu (pictured), co-founder and CEO of Cera, commented: “We understand that for many of those displaced by conflict, finding employment is yet another significant obstacle to overcome in starting their new life.

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“Over the next five years, our goal is to support them in this journey by offering a pathway into not only gainful employment, but an enormously rewarding career in one of the UK’s most important sectors. We’ll be working with those councils we are already in partnership with, as well as the government more broadly, to reach out to those affected and who are eligible for these roles.”

He continued: “If we can play even a small role in helping those arriving from Afghanistan, that’s an opportunity we’re keen to grasp with both hands. We’ve been greatly inspired by the response from across the international business community, and are keen to support wherever we can.”

Cera, which launched in November 2016 and employs more than 6,000 staff across England, Scotland and Wales, has recently developed a platform that streamlines the recruitment process, from application to deployment, enabling the provider to quickly bring new staff on board.

The company works with more than 160 local authorities across the UK, and is opening dialogue with each of them as part of this initiative, as well as the Home Office.

Cera offered similar support for domestic industries hardest hit by the pandemic, by partnering with organisations across hospitality, retail and airlines to retrain staff into healthcare roles.

The UK government has confirmed that 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan will be arriving in the UK over the next five years.

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