Home care supplier stockpiling food in case of no deal Brexit


Home care supplier apetito is stockpiling food to prepare for a possible no-deal Brexit.

The supplier, which runs a meals on wheels service for 100,000 people living at home, told the BBC it is holding extra inventory in case of supply chain problems if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal on March 29.

It is spending £5m on doubling its raw materials from four to eight weeks and increasing its pre-made meals stock from five to six weeks ahead of Brexit.

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Paul Freeston, chair and CEO of apetito UK, said: “We are in a strong position. But some firms would not be able to build up big stocks. Or if they are doing fresh produce they would have to stop. A ‘Hard Brexit’ could cause them significant economic difficulties.”

He added that if supply chain disruption lasted more than three to four months the company would have “very real difficulties”.

A government spokesperson said: “Our priority is to make sure that patients continue to receive the same high standard of care.

“We are working closely with the NHS, Defra and healthcare providers to ensure the uninterrupted supply of food and specialised nutritional products to patients, as part of our preparations for a no-deal EU Exit.”

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