Home care worker helps Bluebird Care team alert customers of scams


A care assistant with a background in fraud analysis has been training her colleagues and elderly customers about the dangers of scams and how to spot them.

As a ‘Scam Champion’ with ‘Friends Against Scams’ – a National Trading Standards Scams Team initiative – Kerenza Faram noticed that her skillset was being required more and more in her role at Bluebird Care North Hampshire & West Berkshire.

Aware of the growing risk of less obvious and technical scams, she was eager to share her knowledge with others and set about initiating scam awareness training and alleviating loss to scammers.

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Since then, Faram has prompted a number of changes at Bluebird Care North Hampshire & West Berkshire that have already made a difference to the lives of many in the local community.

Team members new and old now receive in-depth scam awareness training, which remains accessible online at any point.

The Bluebird care branch also offers fraud packs to customers, and Faram personally delivers free community presentations and one-to-one talks on scam awareness.

Speaking on the importance of scam awareness, Faram, said: “These sessions are so important for our care assistants to be aware of the type of things to look out for when visiting our customers in their homes, many who live alone. Only 5% of scam victims report when they have been scammed because they often feel embarrassment or in complete disbelief. Prevention is far better than cure.”

Emma Holgate, Customer Supervisor at the home care service, commented: “This was such a useful session I learnt so much about the tactics these scammers use. We can all be targeted by scammers, not just the elderly. It’s great to be able to offer these free sessions to our customers who are often very vulnerable to scams. It’s a fantastic initiative by Bluebird Care North Hampshire & West Berkshire.”

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