Home monitoring system launches in UK to aid independent living

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StackCare, a US-based home-monitoring system provider, has launched in the UK market to provide support to older people living in their own homes and their families.

Developed in Silicon Valley, the StackCare UK system uses wireless smart motion sensors placed in key locations around the home to track an individual’s daily patterns of behaviour.

A central hub gathers data from the sensors and this is analysed and reported back to a dedicated family member, or members, every morning via an app.

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StackCare UK monitors activity levels, house temperature and sleeping patterns, quickly learning usual temperature levels and normal patterns of behaviour and alerts families when it senses any changes.

Noel Verbruggen, the founder of StackCare UK commented: “Increasing numbers of older people want to live in their own homes for longer. However, when an elderly parent or relative is living alone there is often a worry among their children and family as to how they’re actually getting along day to day. StackCare UK’s discreet monitoring system and detailed reporting helps address that worry, giving reassurance both to the parent and their family.

“For families looking for ways to help their loved one maintain their independence at home StackCare UK is an ideal solution. The sensors are small and discrete and there are no microphones or cameras, helping to preserve dignity and privacy. StackCare UK provides an extra level of support for a family, letting them know how their loved one is getting along during the time when they can’t be there.”

The installation of the StackCare UK system has been designed to be as quick and easy as possible.  Users download the app to their phone, plug in the hub in their loved one’s home, install the sensors and connect. All data is fully encrypted, ensuring privacy and security.

Verbruggen added: “In the UK there are around 12 million people aged 65 or over and that number is set to increase over the coming years. Technology solutions such as StackCare UK are providing increasingly sophisticated tools to help them maximise their quality of life and keep their independence.

“A more positive old age is good for all of us and StackCare is delighted to offer a service that helps people achieve just that.”

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