House of Lords to reconvene on healthy ageing debate


The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee will once again sit to hear evidence from academics on the role that diet, exercise and nutrition play in enabling healthy living in old age.

The committee will reconvene tomorrow to further question leading academics on what science and technology can do to help combat ageing.

Two sessions will see members of the committee study the science behind dieting, nutrition and their impact on aging as well as the impact of physical activity on the ageing process.

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The session comes after the committee began questioning the science behind ageing.

Questions will likely examine when dietary changes need to be made to affect ageing as well as the connection between activity levels and healthspan.

In attendance will be representatives from universities across the UK including Professor Paul Greenhaff, professor of muscle metabolism at the University of Nottingham, and Dr Marina Ezcurra, lecturer in molecular biosciences at the University of Kent.

The committee will also look at the ways in which the government has impacted attitudes towards healthy ageing by scrutinising policies that have aimed to boost the activity of older people.

The sessions will take place on Tuesday 5th November at 10:25 and 11:25 and will be open to the public.

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