CASE STUDY: How Bluebird Care’s wellbeing checks service prevents hospital admissions

Bluebird Health and Wellbeing Services

Bluebird Care is helping to bridge the gap between health and social care with its new health and wellbeing checks service.

The provider’s South Somerset branch has explained how the Bluebird Care Assist service has helped free up NHS resources, such as district nurses and GPs, and support clients to avoid hospital admissions.

The health and wellbeing checks comprise of a 30-minute appointment from specially trained ‘Care Champions’, who visit once a week to check the customer’s vital signs, such as blood pressure, alertness and breathing, and find out more about their overall wellbeing.

Scores are then generated and put into a ‘NEWS2 matrix’ where, if results show a decline, they are automatically shared with a healthcare professional, such as a GP, who can then take the appropriate course of action to support the customer.

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Bluebird Care customer, Ray, has benefitted from the service.

Bluebird Care South Somerset said its clients are already benefitting from the service, which launched in October 2019.

One such client is John, who has dementia and is often unable to recognise when he feels unwell. To combat this, he has weekly checks from one of Bluebird Care’s Care Champions.

He has twice contracted infections, but because his blood pressure, alertness and breathing is regularly monitored, he has been treated promptly to stop his condition from worsening.

The health and wellbeing checks have also provided reassurance for customers who live on their own and have family who live far away.

Customer, Ray, wanted to use the service because he has suffered from cancer and a stroke, which causes him to worry about his health. The checks enable his whole family to know he is doing well.

Another customer, Anne, who has dementia, contracted an undiagnosed infection and began to report declining scores in Bluebird Care Assist.

Thanks to regular visits, it was possible to send her score to her GP, who was then able to immediately prescribe her with the appropriate antibiotics.

Ross Perkins, managing director at Bluebird Care South Somerset, said: “The impact that Bluebird Care Assist has had on these customers is so pleasing to see. It has so many positive aspects, not least the impact is can have on the NHS and the levels of demand on this service.

“It is also a great way for those who live by themselves to have some company each week, as well as being able to keep health and happy. I am so pleased we have this service to offer and look forward to seeing how else this can help those in the community.”

The names of customers in this article have been changed, with the exception of Ray (pictured).

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