How one provider CEO would reform the social care system as PM

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Raina Summerson, the chief executive of Agincare, one of the largest independent care providers in the UK, has revealed how she would reform the social care system if she were Prime Minister.

The CEO was asked the question as part of an exclusive interview with Home Care Insight.

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Removal of silos

I’d certainly try and prevent the silos between departments so there is a lot more inter-departmental working. Within all the departments there are some really skilled and intelligent people doing a lot of work across different areas of society for central government, but they are not joined up and they know very little about the other things that are being addressed and that we can see are interrelated. So better linking up would be the first thing.

Better recognition

I think there’d also be better recognition of the economic worth of social care. It kind of gets siloed into the Department of Health and Social Care and is just seen as a provision, rather than a key economic growth contributor sector that employs a huge amount of people with a huge amount of skills.

Engage with providers and service users

Equally, I’d talk to people who are using and delivering the services. They know exactly what’s wrong with the system and what we need to do. So I’d ask the experts and actually do something with that information. That’s an exasperation of [social care providers] – the government cannot say they don’t know what the issues are in social care and about the impact of underfunding because they have been told a million times by a million different people in a million different ways. So do something with that information.

Secretary for social care

I would have someone leading on just social care. It helps to have someone of influence fighting the corner of social care in its own right, not just as an adjunct to the NHS and the survivability of the NHS.

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