Infection control fund distribution extended to cover admin costs of testing and vaccinations

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Infection control funding can now be used to cover administrative costs associated with organising and recording the outcomes of COVID-19 tests and arranging vaccinations, the government has confirmed.

The change follows repeated requests from United Kingdom Home Care Association to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

Speaking during the recent Home Care Research Forum, UKHCA CEO Dr Jane Townson said: “As it turns out, there’s a lot of administration involved in tracking all the results of your workforce, so we asked that some of the infection control fund could be used to pay for the administrative costs of the testing and the recording of the testing, and the same with vaccination, which is currently where we’re devoting a lot of our time.”

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In its guidance on Infection Control Fund 2, the DHSC has clarified: “Funding under this allocation could also be used for reasonable administrative costs associated with (1) organising and recording the outcomes of COVID-19 tests and (2) organising COVID-19 vaccinations, where these were not being supported by other government funding streams.

“The decision to allow claims against the fund for these purposes would remain a choice for local authorities and no additional funding is being provided for these purposes.”

Distribution in this way is subject to local authority discretion and only applies where costs are not supported by other government funding streams, UKHCA said.

In October, the government announced details of how round two of the Infection Control Fund will be distributed to care providers in England, across all settings.

It said the £546 million grant would be split between care homes and community care providers, with 71% (387.5m) allocated to care homes, and 29% (£158.5m) allocated to community care providers, including those offering domiciliary care, extra care and supported living services.

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