INTERNATIONAL FOCUS: Telecare provider supports ‘Corona Hotels’ in the Netherlands

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Essence Group, a provider of IoT-based telecare solutions for solutions, has announced that its Care@Home technology will be installed at makeshift ‘Corona Hotels’ across the Netherlands.

The company said the move will help free up Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds by providing a safe location for patients to recover from symptoms that do not require ongoing treatment.

The Care@Home platform enables family members and professional care providers to remotely monitor individuals, keeping them safe and taking pressure off essential services without the need for potentially invasive cameras.

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The solution includes wearable and non-wearable fall detection, as well as voice capabilities that allow residents to call for assistance and talk to their carers directly when needed.

Working with FocusCura, a provider of senior independent care solutions in the Netherlands, the technology has already been installed in three hotels in the Brabant region of the country with more to come.

Dr Haim Amir, CEO of Essence Group, said: “ICU beds are the key commodity in the fight against COVID-19. The Corona-Hotels make a huge difference in taking the pressure off hospitals, which in turn is helping save lives. By offering remote monitoring methods, our technology keeps people safe and enables patients to get the care they need outside of ICU. Technology has an essential role to play in the fight against COVID-19, and I am proud our technology can be a part of that.”

Raoul Zaal, CEO of FocusCura, said: “We are pleased to be part of these valued initiatives. The past weeks we have equipped several ‘Corona-Hotels’ with connected technology in a matter of days. And after this first phase we can conclude that remote monitoring technology has the capability to keep healthcare workers safe and take pressure off essential services. It has been a pleasure for us to play a part in the fightback against COVID-19.”

In January, Essence announced that it had developed a multi-sensor fall detector in partnership with US technology company Texas Instruments (TI).

The fall detector, set to launch in the UK market this year, uses TI’s mmWave sensor to track the position of elderly people living at home.

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