Janet Bill, business director, The Good Care Group

Janet Bill

Under Janet Bill’s leadership, client health outcomes have improved year on year and employee satisfaction is at an all-time high.

In the latest results, 100% of employees said they are proud of the service The Good Care Group (TGCG) delivers. In a 2020 client survey, 94% of respondents said they believe TGCG has made a positive difference to the client’s life whilst a further 94% stated they have confidence in the expertise of the care team.

Each of TGCG’s professional carers attends a five day in-house induction programme, to ensure that carers leave training with the skills they need to be provide a high standard of care to clients.

Janet and the team have also worked on a ‘Cultural Development Programme’, which teaches individuals the importance of authenticity in the workplace; recognising how our emotions can impact on how we, and others, show up at work.

This work uses a coaching approach to encourage people to develop self-awareness and to help others to help themselves when faced with a challenge.

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