‘Layers of bureaucracy’ stalling emergency funding support, care leader warns

Vic Rayner

A leading social care organisation has warned that emergency funding support is failing to reach the frontline as a result of government bureaucracy.

In a letter to David Pearson, chair of the National COVID-19 Social Care Taskforce, National Care Forum (NCF), executive director, Vic Rayner, called for national and local leadership that “cut through the red tape” and “focuses on what needs to happen now to keep people safe”.

Vic said: “This is absolutely not a blame game. We recognise the very significant financial pressures that LAs are facing, and we need urgently to find a solution that doesn’t put authorities in a position of having to make extraordinarily difficult choices, which ultimately limit the distribution of the financial support that the government intended to reach the frontline of care, and ensure that services continue to be provided to our most vulnerable citizens.”

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The NCF leader said the £3.2bn government support provided to support the COVID-19 response was “not reliably and consistently reaching the frontline of care”.

She said some providers had not received any of the recommended 5% annual or 10% COVID-19 recommended uplift.

Where offers have been made, the NCF leader said they were often limited to a three-month period to the end of June.

She noted the ADASS Budget Survey last week which revealed that LAs had committed only £518m to providers and had only paid out £194m – a mere 6% of the £3.2bn handed over by government.

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