LIC AWARDS 2021 WINNER: Business Services Award

Leaders in Care Awards 2021-317

The winner of the Business Services Award is Fulcrum Care.

This award recognises the most supportive businesses providing training, recruitment, compliance, financial and legal advice, insurance and other services.

A central part of Fulcrum’s expertise is in engaging all stakeholders to cultivate positive change, so there is both top-down and front-line endorsement and understanding of new processes, meaning technology (and change in general) is implemented successfully to support the key drivers of improving residents’ care and quality of life and commercials, to ensure a robust business platform.

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Fulcrum’s expertise in dementia care has been invaluable in helping homes support residents with dementia through the changing landscape of the pandemic. Fulcrum’s initiatives in developing new models of care – in particular, designing and managing step-down and COVID-positive units – has enabled social care residents to leave overstretched hospitals and receive care structured to their needs as older, more vulnerable patients in more appropriate environments, looked after by staff with dedicated training.

Over the past year, Fulcrum has seen a dramatic increase in demand for their services, both geographically and from bigger providers, largely as a result of their growing reputation as a leader within the industry, particularly from the leadership it has provided through the pandemic.

Turnover increased by 70% to December compared to the previous 12 months, with the team doubling in the same period. Fulcrum is actively seeking to recruit more consultants to help it meet its expanding demand.

Tony Thiru, CEO of Fulcrum Care, said: “This is brilliant. It’s been a really difficult year but everyone in the sector has rallied together. We look forward to continuing to support care home providers and their staff.”

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