Live-in care provider seeks funding to fuel technology and growth mission

Jason Russell

A London-based introduction agency is seeking investment to fund its mission to become the UK’s largest technology-enabled live-in care provider.

Live-in Care Direct, founded by father and son Keith Russell and Jason Russell, has developed a family platform to enable elderly clients to view photos and home videos, uploaded by their families, to help them stay connected with their loved ones and lift their mood.

It is also developing wearable technology to prevent falls and measure vital signs.

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The business hopes to use the investment to fund this technology and meet the demand for live-in care due to coronavirus.

“We have been inundated with inquiries from family members to remove their loved ones from care homes and get them home safely during the COVID-19 outbreak,” Jason told Home Care Insight.

“With an investment at this stage along with our revolutionary tech, we would be able to scale our company and, most importantly, be able to deal with the volume that is coming in more efficiently.

“We want to be the largest technology-based live-in care provider in the UK.”

Explaining the idea for incorporating technology-enabled care into his business, Jason said: “My tech vision was first thought of by seeing for myself how photos can really help loved ones, especially those suffering with dementia.

“Whilst helping one of our clients get out of a care home, to return home with one of our full time live-in carers, I was sat in the reception area and noticed that one of the carers from the care home was holding a really old looking family photo album. The carer was approaching an elderly lady named Margaret who looked really sad and fed up with life. 

“As soon as the carer sat down next to her and opened the first page of this photo album, Margaret’s face beamed with joy and happiness.

“As soon as I saw Margaret’s reaction and mood change, I knew that I had to create a piece of tech on our platform, whereby our elderly clients could easily view photos, home videos, audio etc which would enable families to upload as much personal multimedia as possible, so that our carers could share with their loved ones.”

Jason is also on a mission to use technology to prevent injury, trauma and hospitalisation.

“The most common cause of injury in the elderly population is falling. In the UK, around 35% of the elderly fall at least once per year, resulting in thousands of visits to A&E,” he said.

“This is why it is so important for Live-in Care Direct to finish developing its wearable tech based products, as when a person falls, they are unable to call for help but with our wearable technology, it will be a lot easier to monitor.”

The wearable technology will also keep track of clients’ heart rate and blood pressure levels remotely so that the Live-in Care Direct and family members can monitor crucial changes and activity levels, providing insights into their health, which could save lives.

Jason added: “This wearable tech will also enable our client to be in control during emergency situations with push-to-call emergency alert built-in, when the carer might be on their break or no family is around.

“If the client is unconscious and they cannot push the emergency button then it will automatically kick in after 10 seconds.”

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  1. A great read! Very impressive that your company is introducing such high levels of tech into the home care sector, which we do desperately need. Love the multimedia idea too and I am sure that you won’t have any trouble securing an investment in these challenging times, as quality live-in care at home is needed now more than ever as more and more people are avoiding care homes. Best of luck!

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