Log my Care tool to ‘revolutionise’ how care plans are managed

Log my Care

Log my Care, the care software provider, has announced the launch of its new Care Plan and Assessments tool, designed to revolutionise how care plans are created and managed.

The new tool is designed to save time, whilst enabling care managers to create individual care plans that meet CQC’s requirements.

Log my Care said that unlike other care planning tools, information links through seamlessly from initial pre-assessment, to a full set of care plans for each activity of daily living (ADL), to a full set of risk assessments.

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For example, if a pre-assessment shows that a person has some difficulties in mobility, this becomes part of the care plan and the app prompts a full mobility assessment and helps identify risks.

This means that care teams can quickly build an understanding of what the person can do by themselves and what they need help with – and informs what practical actions staff need to take on the ground, the software provider said.

The care planning tool was developed after research carried out by Log my Care identified several common problems in the care planning process.

One of the most frequent complaints was having to enter the same basic information – such as name, date of birth and next of kin – again and again in lots of different places.

With the new tool, this information now needs to be entered just once, saving time, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors.

Another challenge was the lack of specific regulatory guidance about what should go into a care plan. Log my Care has therefore created a library of assessments to help guide care professionals through the process of identifying the care individual people might need.

Care teams also reported that care planning is very time consuming and involves a lot of writing.

Log my Care has designed the new module to be intuitive and easy-to-use, with drop-down boxes where possible.

Risk scores and levels are calculated as assessments are filled in, removing the need for mental maths, and documents are automatically compiled to build up a one-stop complete care plan.

Using the app also means care staff have the care plan at their fingertips, rather than it being locked away in an office, said Log my Care.

A version history is saved automatically so that there is a record of any changes made to the care plan over time, creating an instant audit trail. Reminders can also be set to make sure reviews are triggered regularly and on time.

Sam Hussain, Founder of Log my Care, said: “The care planning process is vitally important but too many hours are being lost which we see as a terrible waste. Carers told us that they know their time is better spent with people rather than copying and pasting their date of birth across fifty forms.

“People have put care plans online before but they tend to be static forms, which really isn’t that helpful. Our new care planning tool joins the dots through the whole process, leading to detailed, personalised and practical care plans. This is a step-change in what we can offer the sector.”

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